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Awesome Giveaway!
Over at Crave my Photography, they are giving away a ton of stuff, plus a one-on-one mentoring sessions including travel expenses and a free 50 mm. 1.4 lens! REALLY want to win this one!!! 🙂 Check it out!

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Movie Review of Three Hearts

A World Away, Three Children need a Miracle

This documentary style film was produced by Samaritan’s Purse, and it was distributed by Thomas Nelson Publishers.
Normally I’m not a big fan of documentaries, but this one may have changed my mind AND heart. The story begins with Cissie Graham Lynch, granddaughter of Billy Graham and daughter of Franklin Graham. Cissie began her internship with Samaritan’s Purse with the intent to fly to Mongolia and bring back three children with congenital heart defects. Due to family obligations, she is unable to go. Instead, a young boy from Texas was invited to come along with his family for the adventure of a lifetime.
The film follows them to Mongolia and shows you the living conditions of each family. Each child will be given a new lease on life with these surgeries. Each one would not live long without the surgery.
They are flown to San Antonio where a team of people, from host families to medical professionals, helps them along the way.
While watching a real heart surgery was incredible, what really made me well up in tears was watching these people from Mongolia be introduced to the Savior.
This is a beautiful, well-made film that will touch your heart.

I was given a copy of this movie for purpose of review, but was not required to review it positively.

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Book Review of Beckon

by Tom Pawlin

Welcome to Beckon. You’re not here by chance…. The sign that met George Wilcox as he entered the town of Beckon. He was there because he was promised a cure for his wife’s illness. For a totally different reason, police officer Elina Gutierrez finds herself in Beckon. Her cousin was missing and the clues led her straight to Beckon. Anthropologist, Jack Kendrick went to Beckon seeking answers to his father’s disappearance several years before.
Each led there for different reasons, yet each find themselves drawn together by a common thread…the secret evil that lurked in the caves beneath the small town. The evil that they find threatens to draw them in, but they each must find their own escape.
Personally, I’m not a science fiction reader…. definitely not a fan of the sci-fi genre. However, this novel was skillfully crafted and kept me awake for several nights until I finished reading. There were parts where I wanted to cover my eyes! (Which doesn’t work very well when you’re reading.)  {grins}
For the science fiction lovers out there who want a good clean, well- written novel, this book is for you. Pawlik has a clever imagination and is an elegant storyteller.

I was given a copy of this book for purpose of review, and I was not required to give it a positive review.

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Sweet Nothings

In my previous post, Love Notes,  I spoke of how wonderful it is to receive a handwritten note from the one you love.
While thinking of my love of love notes, (that’s a lot of love!) I was reminded of the times that I waited anxiously to hear the voice of my love. Just as a text isn’t the same as a written note, it is definitely not comparable to HEARING the voice of the one you love.

When I was engaged to my husband, we were in two different time zones. (3-4 hours apart) Because we didn’t have cell phones, (yes, I was part of the technology frontier!J ) and he often called in the middle of the night, I fell asleep waiting for his call with the big phone sitting next to my head.

It was wonderful to be awakened by his voice after not hearing from him for so long…often a couple of weeks at a time.

It didn’t matter what we said, not really…it only mattered that I was hearing his voice. It was almost like having him there. (Which is a topic for another post…)

So, get to the point, right??!? J Well, here’s my point…

CALL-TALK-SPEAK! It’s great! Sure, you might say something dumb once in awhile…we all do, but how great will the love of your life feel when you call and say that you just wanted to hear his/her voice. Ahhh…so romantic, see?

Don’t wait until you need something…take the plunge, make the call…it’ll be worth it!

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Review of Forever Faithful

A trilogy by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury remains one of my favorite authors after this trilogy. The trilogy begins with Waiting for Morning, a novel about love, loss and forgiveness. The tragedy that befalls Hannah Ryan is only made worse by her inability and unwillingness to forgive. Through the kindness of a prosecutor in the drunk driving case against the man who killed most of her family, Hannah learns that Christ is the only way to forgiveness and peace. The novel is a journey of recovery through Christ.

The next book in the trilogy, A Moment of Weakness, is about two friends who are separated as young people and reunited as adults, only to fall deeply in love. A moment of weakness begins the separation that will last several years. Until when Jade finds herself in a custody battle with an unfaithful, Godless husband, she must contact Tanner to defend her in a court case that sends shock waves throughout the country. Only then, will they learn to forgive themselves, each other and those that set out to separate them.

The final book, Halfway to Forever, intertwines the lives of the main characters in the first two books. It seems that they have all found happiness until a life-threatening illness and the possible loss of an adopted chilld threatens to destroy the new lives they’ve built for themselves. Only through faith and the love of Christ and each other, do they eventually find that God works all things together for good to them that love Him.

Needless to say, each book is a roller coaster ride of emotions and I was reminded of the importance of grace and forgiveness through these books. If the large size of the volume doesn’t bother you, then I highly recommend you purchase this trilogy by renowned author, Karen Kingsbury.

I received a free copy of this book for purpose of unbiased review.

Published by Multonomah

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Review of A Year with Jesus

by R.P. Nettelhorst

Nobody throughout history touched hearts and changed lives as much as our Lord Jesus Christ did in His short thirty-three years on earth. Just as Jesus’ words affected change in the lives of those He met during that time, so His words continue to be relevant and true today. This daily devotional book begins each page with a passage from God’s Word of Jesus’ words while on earth.Following this, the author has included a short devotional with a challenge about that passage. I have enjoyed his insight into these passages. One of my favorite comments that really captured my attention was:

“Actions, ability, or connections don’t matter. How much money you have doesn’t matter. You’re welcomed into the kingdom of God not because of who YOU are, but because of who the KING is.”

I love the idea of reading Jesus’ words as part of my daily devotional time and have really enjoyed the portion of the book I’ve read so far. I will continue it through the end of the year, and I know I will be challenged as I enjoy A Year with Jesus.

I received a free copy of this book for purpose of unbiased review.

published by Thomas Nelson

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Love Notes

I remember as a little girl seeing the box of letters that my parents exchanged while they were apart. I never read them really, but I thought it was so romantic…all that love and longing packed into one little box.
Now in my own basement, I have my own boxes filled with yellowed notes and cards, programs and pictures…all memories of another time.
This makes me wonder, what will this high-tech  generation  have to treasure someday? Texts are great, but not nearly as romantic as a hand-written note. {Hokey, I know-but true!} Today, so much of our communication is through email, texts and social networking, that we rarely have to speak to another person if we so choose.
In this day of instant communication, if you love somebody…tell them…the old fashioned way. They will treasure it, and  someday when a few years have passed, you will have your own collection of love notes that will bring back memories and bring promise to the future.


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NLT Translation Giveaway!

Go to this link and enter the giveaway!

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Book Review: Night, Night Blessings

by Amy Parker                                             
Illustrated by Marijan Ramljak

I was so thrilled to receive this copy of Night Night Blessings from Book Sneeze. What a gorgeous children’s book! The illustrations are whimsical and lovely! Filled with beautiful bright pastels, the pictures will immediately capture your child’s interest.
I love how the story takes the reader from “Good Morning” to “Night, Night” in a toddler’s day.
The story teaches thankfulness to God as it shows the many things that a child has to be thankful for throughout their day. From sloppy dog kisses to Mommy’s kisses, it is adorable from beginning to end.
I can’t wait to sit down with my niece and nephews to read them this story!

I was given a complimentary copy of this book for purpose of review.

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Book Review: Tehran Initiative

by Joel C. Rosenberg

I have yet to be disappointed by a book by Rosenberg, and his newest book, Tehran Initiative, certainly lives up to his reputation as a current and fluent fiction writer with a finger on the pulse of world politics and American politics.
To call his books ‘current’ would be an understatement as his understanding and insight into current events is so accurate.
In Tehran Initiative, the reader is once again drawn into the world of CIA agent, David Shirazi, an Iraninan-American who was personally effected by the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 which has helped to propel him into service of his country.  The world is on the verge of  nuclear war between Iran and the Califait, with its false Messiah, the twelfth Imam, and Israel, who the twelfth Imam is bent on destroying.
Rosenberg’s book tells of events that have been prophesied in Scripture while entwining the Gospel message  and current events throughout.
One of my favorite authors, Rosenberg has done it again and I can’t wait to read the sequel to this thriller!

I was given a copy of this book by the publishers for purpose of review and was not forced to give a favorable review.
The above link contains an interview with the author, Joel C. Rosenberg.

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