Posted by: kbumgardaner | January 31, 2012

Review of Forever Faithful

A trilogy by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury remains one of my favorite authors after this trilogy. The trilogy begins with Waiting for Morning, a novel about love, loss and forgiveness. The tragedy that befalls Hannah Ryan is only made worse by her inability and unwillingness to forgive. Through the kindness of a prosecutor in the drunk driving case against the man who killed most of her family, Hannah learns that Christ is the only way to forgiveness and peace. The novel is a journey of recovery through Christ.

The next book in the trilogy, A Moment of Weakness, is about two friends who are separated as young people and reunited as adults, only to fall deeply in love. A moment of weakness begins the separation that will last several years. Until when Jade finds herself in a custody battle with an unfaithful, Godless husband, she must contact Tanner to defend her in a court case that sends shock waves throughout the country. Only then, will they learn to forgive themselves, each other and those that set out to separate them.

The final book, Halfway to Forever, intertwines the lives of the main characters in the first two books. It seems that they have all found happiness until a life-threatening illness and the possible loss of an adopted chilld threatens to destroy the new lives they’ve built for themselves. Only through faith and the love of Christ and each other, do they eventually find that God works all things together for good to them that love Him.

Needless to say, each book is a roller coaster ride of emotions and I was reminded of the importance of grace and forgiveness through these books. If the large size of the volume doesn’t bother you, then I highly recommend you purchase this trilogy by renowned author, Karen Kingsbury.

I received a free copy of this book for purpose of unbiased review.

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