Posted by: kbumgardaner | January 27, 2012

Love Notes

I remember as a little girl seeing the box of letters that my parents exchanged while they were apart. I never read them really, but I thought it was so romantic…all that love and longing packed into one little box.
Now in my own basement, I have my own boxes filled with yellowed notes and cards, programs and pictures…all memories of another time.
This makes me wonder, what will this high-tech  generation  have to treasure someday? Texts are great, but not nearly as romantic as a hand-written note. {Hokey, I know-but true!} Today, so much of our communication is through email, texts and social networking, that we rarely have to speak to another person if we so choose.
In this day of instant communication, if you love somebody…tell them…the old fashioned way. They will treasure it, and  someday when a few years have passed, you will have your own collection of love notes that will bring back memories and bring promise to the future.



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