Posted by: kbumgardaner | June 4, 2010

different eyes…the art of living beautifully

by steve chalke and alan mann

The challenge: to see the world, to see true Christianity, through different eyes. The authors address the sections of “The Church” that view many things to be sinful that are not specifically addressed in Scripture…in other words, the legalism of the church. They speak of how it can be easy to equate NOT doing these things with being holy, rather than truly striving for holiness.

In the first chapter, they say, “…The concept of holiness is not about ‘absence’ but very much about ‘distinctive presence’. It is not about withdrawal but engagement. It is not just about what we term the ‘spirititual’ but especially about the ordinary.”  The theme of the book is that as we are to ‘be holy as I am holy,’ as Yahweh commands. They  interpret this Scripture to ‘be different as I am different.’ The question, “What is God’s difference and how can we copy it?” is the challenge of this book.

I found many parts of this book to be an interesting and different perspective from what I’ve heard in the past, particularly since the authors are British. Though I agree with the concept of the book, there are parts with which I disagreed.  One of the points they make, is that “the Church” has a responsibility to be united as one as the Israelites were. While it is true that we as a church body need to be united, I disagree with the concept of many denominations uniting, particularly uniting with those with unbiblical views. I certainly agree that God never meant us to do everything on our own, but the Bible warns against false teachers.

Overall, this book made me think in a way that I haven’t thought before. Though I didn’t always agree, it was interesting to visit a different perspective and I could see the passion the authors have for sharing Christ in our world.


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