Posted by: kbumgardaner | January 9, 2010

New Era

It is definitely a new era in America…It used to seem that our leaders cared about the opinions of the American citizens, if for no other reason, then they wanted our votes. Now, I think that their agenda is more important to them then their constituents.

Politics in America has hit a new low. Political officials willingly taking bribes in back room bargaining sessions, admitted socialists in power with no accountability. There is an “end justifies the means” mentality in Washington . It is as if the “Progressives” are sitting there up on the hill looking down on us, thinking that though we THINK we hate this health care “reform” and big government takeovers right now, we just don’t know what is best for us.
 Citizens, willing to vote for a man based more on the color of his skin and his elequence, than the content of his character or his words,  have now found that his “hope and change” is not what they hoped for at all. He promised a fundamental change in America. What kind of changes and at what cost?  

 What is their means to that end? Our taxes, the cost. Our freedom, the cost. Our children’s freedom, the cost. Free enterprise, the cost. Competition, the cost. American lives, the cost.

Right now, they see any movement, such as the Tea Party movement, as an annoyance but I think they have awakened the sleeping giants. Patriots all across this country are standing up and saying ” no way…not on my watch!”  Now, what about the rest of us? Is complaining about it going to make it go away? Or is it time more of us stand up and say…”Let’s roll…”  and “git ‘er done!”



  1. I agree! If Christians don’t stand up for our basic rights who will? Will we sit quietly by and watch our values get thrown out with yesterday’s newspaper? I think not! We will first humble ourselves and pray and seek His face…. and we’ll stand up for what is right, or we’ll lose big time.

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