Posted by: kbumgardaner | June 15, 2009

Budget Cuts, Feelings and “Family”

I haven’t written on my blog since Grandma died, yet so much has happened. Life if so strange. It takes so many twists and turns that it’s hard to catch my breath. I’ve been very emotional lately…about everything…about nothing.
I’ve known for awhile that I have to leave my department due to “budget cuts” and I’ve accepted another position in the College library. I am very thankful for the opportunity to stay on campus and for the benefits I receive. The Lord provided a job for me and that has been a blessing, however, I am so sad to leave my athletic “family.” The event staff jokingly started calling us a family but it truly becomes that way when you work and serve together daily.

I don’t have a choice-I wasn’t given a choice. Yet, I have cried so many times about it. This week in particular has been difficult. How scared we all were by Rob’s heart attack. I am so thankful that he’ s alive and bouncing back quickly but the thought of losing any one of these people causes me to choke up each time I think of it.

Maybe I’m just weird. Maybe noone else feels this way about the people that they work with. I don’t know, but I build loyalty quickly and it is not easily broken.  They are not perfect but I would defend each one of them. We share our prayer requests and our needs, stressful times  as well as a  lot of laughter and good times. How I will miss them.


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