Posted by: kbumgardaner | April 15, 2009

In loving memory of Esther Savage 1908-2009

My Grandma was a highly educated woman- a reporter, a nurse, a world traveler, an adventurer, a poet and an artist among other accomplishments, and I’m certain that all these aspects of Grandma helped to make her the amazing person that she was but mostly, I think that it was her nurturing, generous and loving spirit that made her unique and so well-loved by so many.

 When I was approximately 8 years old, my Grandma began writing me letters. I would quickly respond and eagerly await her reply. My writing was barely readable but Grandma faithfully wrote to me. I am certain that this experience helped instill in me a love of writing that I have to this day. She and Grandpa took us to the Center for the Arts which helped instill in me a curiosity and a love for learning. They took us to Dow Gardens and showed us the beauty and orderliness of creation.

Anyone who knew my Grandma knows that she NEVER stopped learning. She took classes in art and in poetry as well as other interests even into her 90’s. She showed me through her example that you are never too old to learn and you are never too old to try something new.  She demonstrated that you never give up on a dream or accept someone else’s pre-conceived limitations.

As she reached her 100th birthday, we all joined in the celebration that she looked forward to for so long! The day was filled with joy for Grandma and as I went in to say good bye, she lay in her bed, her blanket pulled up to her chin, eyes closed and with a satisfied look, she whispered, “That was nice…” Reaching 100 was just one more goal that she aspired to and achieved.

She was an adoring wife, mother, grandma and great-grandma and I will miss her greatly, but if I could but peek through the pearly gates and get a glimpse into heaven, I imagine I would see my Grandma walking on the streets of gold with a skip in her step as she seeks out more adventures…even in Heaven.




  1. Your grandma sounded like an amazing woman. I was never lucky enough to have grandparents, nor did I have any godly influences in my life to make memories from. I am making those memories for my grandsons, with the help of my godly husband whom I daily know I do not deserve. We have had many struggles through the years, but our love for one another I have never had to doubt. I don’t think I ever met your grandma Savage, but she truly influenced your life and for that you can be thankful.

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