Posted by: kbumgardaner | October 13, 2008

A Mother’s Ramblings…

Tomorrow my “baby boy” turns 14. Where have the years gone? The one I once held close to me as I paced and sang to him in the dark of night trying to get him to sleep is now towering over me. When I think back in time, there are several key moments that I remember. When he was still just a dream and a prayer, I committed him to the Lord-I trust HIM with AJ’s future. On the day he was born as the nurse brought him in for a feeding, I asked her a question. AJ immediately turned toward me. You see, he was accustomed to my voice. He had spent nine months in my womb listening to me speak, so when I spoke, he listened. When his clear blue eyes turned toward me, my heart melted. There are so many things that I have experienced with him and milestones that I have watched him reach-his first Christmas program-in which he proceeded to crawl around on stage, barking like a dog while the other children sang “Away in a Manger,” his first day of school, his first home run, his first crush, the day of his salvation, the day he proudly pointed out that he was taller than me. (sad day!)

I have felt the anger of a Mother with her cub when someone has hurt my son, the fear he felt on that first pitch in a real game, pride when his clear, strong voice rang out over the auditorium in praise of his Saviour. So many days, so many emotions in these 14 years.

There of course have been close calls that as a Mother make my heart want to stop. Recently, he was in a quad accident and only sustained minor injuries. As I sat beside him in church the next day, I knew that I was fortunate to be sitting there rather than at his bedside in the hospital. When we got home, to his consternation, I had to hug him tightly. I know God is watching over this boy of mine because he is HIS as well. I have to remind myself that while I can’t control what happens, I can commit him to the One who loves him so much that He sacrificed His only Son for him. Once I was a mother, the thought of this made me wonder even more, HOW??? How much He must love us to send His only Son as a propitiation for our sin!

Of course, all of my memories of my son’s life so far are not good ones…life never is perfect, but I will always be thankful that God allowed me to have him as my son. I can’t wait for the day when he doesn’t think giving his Mom a kiss on the cheek or a hug is gross. : ) I will patiently wait though and I will love him just the same as I did that day on October 13, 1994 when he heard my voice.

I am reminded as well that there are times in life when AJ won’t know what direction to take, when the way seems uncertain, but I will pray that he will be in tune to his Saviour’s voice so he will know it when He speaks to him. There will be so many “voices” out there vying for his attention. I will pray that my son will know his Savior’s voice just as he knew mine because he will take the time to know His voice.

Just a few ramblings from a Mom.    

I love you, son!



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