Posted by: kbumgardaner | July 30, 2008


Tonight, AJ and I were watching TV when a thought came to me. Why were we wasting so much precious time on meaningless, trivial TV? Don’t get me wrong…I have no problem with family movie night or occasionally watching something, but how often are we watching just to watch? Seriously, why would anyone want to watch “I survived a Japanese Game Show” or most of the other shows that are on TV?  Our family is guilty of sometimes having the TV on as background noise, or just randomly changing channels because there must be something on that is worthwhile… but when we turn it off, I am struck by the lovely sound of silence. What’s most amazing about silence is that it is not silent. I can sit on my couch and open my window and hear crickets chirping in the night. In the morning, hundreds of song birds chirp in the barn rafters. I love the sound of thunder in the distance and a soft rain pitter-pattering against the window. 
My kids are truly amazing people…I knew this already, but I learned some new things tonight.
AJ-he’s a pretty good thumb wrestler, but I’ll beat him next time!
Danae and I are a formidable team in Mad Gab and my husband, Brad, isn’t so shabby at it himself.
There’something so priceless about sitting on the swing with Kendra watching the lightning bugs twinkle on the eve of her seventh birthday. 
How do I know all this? I turned OFF the TV. Enjoy the silence…



  1. You would want to watch “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” because it’s so hilarious! That show cracks me up…brings back memories…makes me laugh…that’s why you want to watch it!

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