Posted by: kbumgardaner | July 11, 2008


My mom, my sister and I were flying down the highway. We were almost to our exit when two cars tried to merge onto the highway into our lane. At the same time, as my mom tried to move into the next lane, she realized that she was now sandwiched between the cars trying to merge and the cars in the left lane whose drivers were unwilling or unable to get out of the way. My only thought was that we were going to get sandwiched between those cars. If I had been the driver, I would have reacted differently, but as the passenger, there was nothing I could do. I closed my eyes, covered them and found myself praying aloud involuntarily for our safety.

I realize now how much this situation is the way our lives should be if we depend on Christ for our protection. We don’t have to take the wheel. We can’t change the circumstances, but we can react by calling out to HIM for our protection.

NOTHING can happen that He does not already know will happen. If we had been sandwiched, then He would have been there for us the same as when we were kept safe. How good it is to know that whether we are in a tough situation or traveling an easy path, God will be our guide, our Protector, and our Comforter.


  1. omg.. good work, man

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