Posted by: kbumgardaner | April 20, 2008

Laugh Out Loud Moments

I was reminded today of something that happened when AJ and Danae were preschoolers. I have never been able to tell this story without laughing so hard that I’m crying. It’s crazy because those who have heard it have laughed more at my response than the story itself. It’s probably not that funny to someone who wasn’t there, but it is a memory I’ll never forget.

Brad and I took the kids to Chicago, and we decided to take a trip to the top of the Sears Tower. We were all excited to get there and jumped into the rotating door at the entrance…together, as in, all in one section of the rotating door. I jumped in with Brad and the kids at the last minute and immediately realized that it was not the wisest choice. However, it was too late to jump back out. We fit in the space TIGHTLY. There was really no room to take a step to rotate the door, so we all began to shuffle our feet and move the door inch by inch. We bumped along until we finally poured out of the space. I was already laughing so hard I was crying. The security guard by the elevator was enjoying it as well. I cried all the way up to the observation floor and I was still laughing and crying on our way down. There was just something about the little, shuffling steps that cracked me up. The security guard hadn’t forgotten about it either from his expression!

I guess I could turn the memory into some kind of lesson, like even if your going through a difficult time, if you stick together, you will come out the other side closer and happier. The real lesson in it for me though is that God gave me that hilarious (to me) memory that I know whenever I think of it, I will smile. Isn’t it great how He allows us those Laugh out Loud moments in our lives that are unforgettable?

So, let me see…
Gas money for our trip to Chicago….$50.00
Expenses while sight seeing…………$100.00

Laugh Out Loud Moment……………..PRICELESS!
Enjoy your LOL moments! =-) They are unforgettable.



  1. ha ha…that’s so funny! I love it!
    When we were in Dearborn, we went to this Arabic Museum that had a revolving door that spun electronically. Well, Ata T stepped in one section of it and at the last minute Liz jumped in behind him, scared him so bad! It was hilarious!

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