Posted by: kbumgardaner | March 29, 2008

Use Me, Lord…

God works in mysterious ways. While I am not able to go the mission field at this time, God knows my heart. He has given me several opportunities to help those who are going to be on a foreign field.

In one instance, God is allowing me to be used in a surprisingly practical way; a way that I never would have thought could be a blessing to anyone, let alone someone in missions.  God is allowing me to supply a need so unique to my friend that only God could have put it in my mind.

His still small voice is speaking to us even when we don’t realize He is speaking. God is so amazing to allow me this opportunity. His ways are not my ways. That is sure!

I am so thrilled that God is allowing me to play even a small role in this adventure that my friend is about to embark upon. She is fully surrendered to His will and purpose, and He is showing her, even in the small things, that He will be with her wherever she goes. What a feeling to know that you are sheltered in the hand of the Almighty.


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