Posted by: kbumgardaner | March 26, 2008


Heroism is not born of fireworks and fanfare.
It has nothing to do with wealth or fame.
It has everything to do with
Sacrifice and honor.

Heroism is reflected in the determined eyes
Of an exhausted soldier
carrying his woundedcommander to safety
even at the risk of his own life.
Heroism is mirrored in the soul of the one
Who willingly sacrifices his own comfort
To train foreign soldiers,
Teaching them to protect the country they love.

Heroism defies all odds,
Ignores all unfair criticism,
And stands up for truth and justice
Whatever the cost.

Heroism is non-existent
In the protesters who are unwilling 
To honor the fallen heroes who gave them the
Right to protest… 

The true heroes risk everything- not   
Caring if they are considered heroes…
Only resoving to protect the innocent
At all cost.


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