Posted by: kbumgardaner | March 15, 2008


Today, I saw the strength of a family in sorrow. They stood at the bedside of their husband, Dad, PaPa and friend and faced the reality that though his heart beat on with the aid of a myriad of machines, he was no longer with us. Family and friends flood the hallways of the hospital, hoping he would wake up, praying that he would wake up, that he would be okay. Signs blanket the walls… “Wake up, PaPa!” is next to his bed in bold, childish print where he can clearly see it if he opens his eyes, but he is not opening his eyes. The next time he opens his eyes, he will see Jesus.

I didn’t know how I would feel when I saw him-I didn’t know that my emotions would grab at my throat and bring tears to my eyes as I looked at this one who is loved by so many. I didn’t know that my mind would be flooded with memories of this man who lay still and silent before me.

I wanted to be a strong friend, to help his wife through this time, but all I could do was hug her, cry and listen. Maybe that is all she needed from me. I hope it was enough for words are hard to find in times like these.

The family made a courageous decision to donate his organs. It’s ironic-a man who gave so much in his life will continue to give even after his death. He would be proud of them, his family. He would have been proud that others may live though he must die.

After all, he’s walking on the streets of gold, surrounded by the saints who have gone on before him.  He will bow before the thrown and lay his numerous crowns at the feet of Jesus because Jesus gave His life for him and he lived his life for Jesus.


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