Posted by: kbumgardaner | March 8, 2008

Starting Over

What I posted earlier apparently came across as depressing which wasn’t my intention so I’m starting over. 🙂 (Just for you, Tim and Sarah!) I only meant to say that it took me awhile to realize that though I don’t have the same gifts and abilities as others in my family, I was chosen by God to be exactly who I am. I don’t really want to be an artist like my siblings though they are wonderful artists. I want to be a photographer and I want to help produce life-changing video productions.

I want to create poignant portraits of life. I want to illustrate the pagaentry of God in a sunset, and the glory of His majesty in a sunrise. I want to capture the crisp beauty of an autumn day, and Christ’s purity in the whitewashed landscape of winter. I want to portray the promise of life as God’s creation is transformed in spring, and the peace that only He can give in the bluest blue of a summer sky.

I want only to be who God made me. I feel like God has opened my eyes to new possibilities and opportunities and He has brought me to this place for such a time as this. That is who I REALLY am.



  1. Merhaba. So, I’m not sure exactly what you want me to say in Turkish. I can’t say much. Gorusmek dilegiyle. Optum seni. Kendine iyi bak. 🙂 That’s about all I know…

  2. Say whatever you want, but can you tell me what it means? 🙂

  3. Merhaba = hello
    Gorusmek dilegiyle = see you later (I think…)
    Optum seni = kiss you (our equivalent to “love you”)
    Kendine iyi bak = take care!

  4. oh yeah and “oglan ve kopek” is a very important phrase to know.

    boy and dog. 🙂

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